Something bucolic, something urban

Some of my most favorite things are oil paintings, reproduction or the real thing, of bucolic scenes.  This picture depicts exactly what I appreciate in a way that makes my heart flutter. If you thought of fluttering butterflies on a flower bed, yes, that’s exactly how my heart behaves when I look at pictures like this:

William Adolphe Bouguereau

Now to more realistic scenes – don’t you just love it when your kid shows interest in your interest? This was routine shopping last summer. I could not resist getting inside a book shop that we happened to pass by. It’s magic when I’m surrounded with books and when I saw CJ doing this, although he does this at home too, I went clicking.

Guess I will always be grateful to a friend who used her sense of perfect timing and choice to capture a very quick but beautiful moment I had with CJ. I have posted this photo previously and I make no excuse for posting this again today.  A fave. Obviously.

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