Reviews and Giveaways

Yelling: the cause, the casualty, & the cure – review and a free Kindle copy on July 24th

We are humans, we are normal. We do things, human things, and one of them is something anyone may have done or experienced – yelling or being yelled at. Yelling: the cause, the casualty & the cure is a book … Continue reading →

What’s for dinner, Mom? – review and giveaway

Sounds familiar, doesn’t it? I used to ask my own mother that question, and now it’s my turn to answer it. The thing is, I do not always have a ready answer, and most of the time I cast a … Continue reading →

Encouragement: Colorado power pack and a giveaway

Posted on May 31, 2012 by HazelCeej

Encouragement. Don’t we all need that?! Unless you are a super natural being you need encouragement, just like any normal person. We are talking of the type that we need for day to day living. As a working mother I need … Continue reading →

Organizing Happiness: review

Do you sometimes think bad moods you feel may be due to the disorganized state of things around you? If you suspected so, Organizing Happiness can help you, like it helped me deal with clutter issues, acquaint or reacquaint yourself … Continue reading →

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