Research and Observation

As soon as my masters thesis was approved, I thought ‘that’s it, I’m never ever going to do any research or any observation like this where I have to be at it, serious; or not until at least I start PhD applications.’ Fat chance. Life has a way of saying, “not too fast.”

I didn’t even know what pervasive was. I could hardly make out developmental, while disorder suddenly became too monstrous a word to grasp.

Research and Observation have taken on a new meaning.  While I thought I knew very little after I keyed in the last period of my grad school paper, now I know nothing.

It’s a titanic iceberg before me.  But I will get to the top, or is it bottom in this case? Whichever, I will find out what I need and ought to know and do.

And I’m having tea and coffee alternately along the way. Would you grab a cup? If you have something useful or nice to say, you are very welcome to do that. I’m paying attention.

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