Knight’s kiss

In a fairytale world, she’s the damsel in distress and he’s the gallant knight in shining armor who comes to rescue her from the tower of the evil witch.

Enter reality –

CJ in a golden steed green bike and Pinky gallop to the sunset walk to the lift of a six-storey apartment building high medieval tower. They speak different languages. They also have different personalities. He is an introvert; she is obedient. And sweet. When asked to kiss him she obliged. Click!  goes the knight’s little professor’s very first kiss from a girl besides his mom.

ABC Wednesday



Tea and poetry
commemorate a milestone
on May twenty-third

A greeting arrives
happy birthday little guy!
aren’t you eight just once

Smiling quietly
his reply brings utter joy:
I love you, Mommy!

Haiku my Heart and Haiku Heights

Higher heels, shorter strides

“Walking in high heels changes how women walk, puts strains on muscles, and raises risk of injury.”

We know, we know, don’t we? The bit on discomfort at least. But they are irrisistible wardrobe items. Could that be why we may also be aware but not really taking heed of expert observation that wearing high heels takes a toll on muscles and the pocket book?

According to a scientific study published on Medicinenet, the discomfort of wearing high heels can be explained by the changes in mechanics in the way women walk. They walk with shorter, more forceful strides; more muscles are employed and changes persist even when they wear flats or go barefoot.

Nine women who wear high heels for 40 hours or more per week for two years were compared with ten women who rarely wear heels. This is how the study was conducted:

Women walked at their own pace along a 26-foot, flat walkway while wearing electrodes on their feet and legs to measure muscle activity. The walkway was also equipped with a plate to gauge ground reaction forces, and cameras recorded their gait. Both groups walked down the walkway 10 times in their bare feet. Then the high heel wearers walked it another 10 times in their favorite high heels.

The results showed that the high heel wearers had shorter strides and mostly used their muscles to walk rather than the more efficient combination of muscle and tendon stretching employed by the women who wore flats.

Because their feet were stuck in a flexed, toes-pointed position for so long, the calf muscles of the women who wore high heels had also shortened and were under more strain. For example, the muscle strain rate in high heel wearers was about six times higher than in the other women. 

While I am aware of the toll high heels could take on feet, I did not know there could be changes in the way I walk as well. Aha! a duck and a zombie just came to mind.

Because of my job, wearing high heels is a default. I wish I could sometimes wear flats and jeans like university instructors in the US, but that is not the case in Thailand.

What are your reasons for wearing high heels? What kind of shoes do you wear to social activities? I would love to know.


Pages and music
fae dance at aisling cottage
wisdom on the leaves

Spike’s Rumford crackles
desire breathes orange and blue
cozy by the fire

Put the kettle on
pour me a cup of wishes
dreams, hopes, love and life

*Spike is a friend’s nightly feline visitor who loves to lounge by the fire.

Haiku Heights

Haiku my Heart

Gratefuler than ever before

Mark Twain’s words in a love note to his wife sum up my week with these highlights:

i. A dinner meeting to kick off a new term in the uni is fun time for lecturers to chat about research interests.  Over seafood dumpling soup, the VP casually turned to me, “how’s your PhD coming along?” Yes, yes boss I’m halfway through an essay my divergent head can’t wrap up. A friendly reminder amid neat slices of pineapple and guava. Haven’t had those in my diet lately.

ii. Miserere by The Choirboys. Beautiful, i.e. took my breath away; sublime, i.e. goose flesh as they smoothly hit an angelic C6; spell-binding I wonder if they are humans.

iii. Cooking up a storm. Skipjack tuna stew in my electric wok! A thousand times tastier than the main course in my birthday dinner last week.

iv. Letters of Note. Sites like this eats up my free time faster than I can track. Reading analyses of Now sleeps the crimson petal, Song of wandering Aengus and She walks in beauty on other sites are also immensely fun to read.

v. Ambling up and down Chatuchak, reportedly the world’s largest weekend market.  Two martini glasses, a white flowing, cotton soft maxi dress, a flower fairy figurine – I love my loot but it was in the antiques section where I switched to dream mode. My birthday celebration goes on. Happy me, really happy. describes Chatuchak:

Once only popular among wholesalers and traders, Chatuchak Weekend Market has reached a landmark status as a must-visit place for tourists. Its sheer size and diverse collections of merchandise will bring any seasoned shoppers to their knees – this is where you can literally shop ‘till you drop’.

Anyone interested?

Visit Susanne @ Living to Tell the Story for more faves or to join.

Gitik sa gabie

There’s a brief introduction about Pictures of Life (Hulagway sa Kinabuhi) on my sidebar just above the Bisdak links. An English version of this post is available below for friends & visitors who do not read Bisaya; and well, for fun in bi-lingual exercise as well.

G para Gitik sa Gabie

Gabie na di pa matulog akong mga anak. Gusto magdula bisag gihipos na ilang mga dulaan. Di madalag estorya. Di pud ko ganahan magyawyaw so gi gitik ko nalang. Kanang gamay gyud ang pwerhisyo kaayo patulogon. Maldito pa, mokalit lag shagit kung di mahatag iyang gusto. Karon taud-taud mo tambling na nang duha. Sapoton ang katabang sa ilang kalaki, KUK!

Ang ubang entre sama ani tua sa Bisdak Bloggers.

Tickle in the Night (Gitik sa Gabie)
It’s late and my boys refuse to go to bed. They still want to play although I have tidied up their toys. They never listen no matter how much I beg them to sleep. The little guy especially is so difficult to send to bed. Deprive him of anything he wants and he’ll scream like he is in terrible pain. I don’t want to launch a drama so I tickle them. By and by they will turn this part of the house into shambles and annoy the house help.

If I wrote a note

Musical Monday: Note to God by Charice on Oprah
Monday Mayhem follows

There’s a twin issue currently hovering above my a** – a son diagnosed with PDD (Pervasive Developmental Disorder), and an ex-hubster who plays hardball about all this. I shoot questions and need answers.  Unfortunately this reality takes time to be sorted and moments trying to penetrate the core for possible solutions could seem frustratingly non-existent. At times I fancy communicating with a deity like this – 

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Q1. Do you think Twitter is taking over as the ‘social media tool of the moment’ (replacing Facebook who replace MySpace)? It has its purpose to people, just like FB. Determining whether is has taken over as the “social media tool of the moment” could be partly based on the stats which I haven’t checked so in playing this by ear – nope. I don’t think it’s taking over exactly.
Q2. What are your thoughts on the one year anniversary of the Gulf Oil spill?
Verifying facts before forming opinions is as important as its effect on us. That the BP top guy – Tony Hayward is a Phd (Geology) at 22 intrigued me but it has yet to be checked against that honorary something Edinburgh U conferred on him. No time to do that further. A question mark forms in my head on: 
The offshore drilling in the Gulf approved by the Obama administration features the same blowout preventers that we now know are prone to blowout. The safety report from BP that is cited in these latest applications is dated 2009, before the Deepwater Horizon failure. This failure to enforce standards is unsurprising in an industry where the “impartial” regulators have significant connections to lobbyists. McGill Daily
Q3. What combination of items, that people will sometimes use, should never be used in making a sandwich in your opinion?  Everyone has different tastes. No olives for me.

Jonas is a vampire too? God, where was I all this time….

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