Yelling: the cause, the casualty, & the cure

We are humans, we are normal. We do things, human things, and one of them is something anyone may have done or experienced – yelling or being yelled at.

Yelling: the cause, the casualty & the cure is a book packed with practical tips you need to know about the behavior. Author Lorrie Flem gently shows readers, mothers particularly, how negative a behavior yelling can be and how to learn to avoid and overcome it altogether. There are bits of real-life yelling episodes of individuals shown in the book. Some of them you may know to be true or reflective of someone you know.

You’ll be surprised. Surprised that you may think you know how to handle yelling when you get around to it because you think it is not serious and sorting it out is a piece of cake. Or you may be surprised to realize that yelling needs to be cracked at now, not tomorrow or when you are ready to deal with it.

This book is a good eye-opener and guide to help you overcome the problem of yelling. To be frank, my mother had her fair share of yelling when she was raising me. While I think I have this behavior under control when I deal with my son, I do find several instances when I seem to think it is something normal enough I do not even recognize the urgency of avoiding or working to get rid of it. Reading this book made me realize that.

There is going to be a Kindle version of this book on Amazon. Here is the link: What’s great and exciting is, on July 24th the Kindle book will be FREE along with a bunch of other freebies. Check out the delightful Eternal Encouragement site for more information and details.  

And here’s more: there is a Facebook Party for this book on July 24th and you are invited. Go to this link to see the times. It will be fun.

Happy reading!

I received a copy of this book in exchange for a fair and honest review.

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9 thoughts on “Yelling: the cause, the casualty, & the cure

  1. Now, this is something I have to get a copy of. I have a daughter in her early teens and two boys aged nine and seven, and sometimes, yelling just seems to be the cure-all to disagreements that erupt among the siblings on a regular basis. Jeez, it’s tiring already.

  2. Would they happen to have that in other formats (like PDF) so that it can be viewed in other tablets? My two best girl friends would definitely find this really interesting.

  3. I tried to minimize my yelling but my kiddo is just so frustrating at times and can’t help but do so. Guess I will be needing this book.

  4. i seconded maricel’s comment. it’s not easy raising kids today. sometimes, when my throat kind of swelling already^_^…i just shrugged my shoulder s and keep my silence, that’s when i thought i’ve won my battle 🙂

  5. I am actually guilty of this, as I’ve done this quite a few times with my niece. I’ll make sure to tone down my voice next time I tell her her wrong actions.

  6. I tend to yell at times but the soft-spoken me is always taken for granted 😦 kids think I’m not yelling at all….no harm done! lols But I think I have to avoid it all the same, thanks for the recommendation.

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