Organizing Happiness: review

Do you sometimes think bad moods you feel may be due to the disorganized state of things around you?

If you suspected so, Organizing Happiness can help you, like it helped me deal with clutter issues, acquaint or reacquaint yourself with habits that will make you and others happier, and use spiritual weapons and organization inspiration for happiness.

The longer I have been busy with job and social responsibilities, the farther I have strayed from bible-based advice on living an organized life so well-presented on this ebook.

Being used to having paid help do cleaning and cooking chores for me, my place has become a war zone of clothes, books, stilettos, and my kiddo’s toys here and there  following changes in our living arrangement. Having the practical illustrations and gentle advice of this darling ebook around mitigated my personal struggle with domestic chaos.

Author Lorrie Flem’s attribution of clutter on “not having a designated place to put things” nailed it for me. I actually went to a supermarket to buy keepers.  I also tried the ’15-minute’ suggestion and indeed was amazed to see the bedside table got tidied up, the dresser tamed and the garbage sorted in just 15 minutes.

Under one of four headings in this ebook, I am especially delighted to be reminded of Philippians 4:8 – “Finally, brethren, whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is of good repute, if there is any excellence and if anything worthy of praise, dwell on these things.”

Be inspired as I am. You can read Organizing Happiness for free by signing up for the Eternal Encouragement newsletter. Find details of this ebook here. Unmistakably relevant to fellow moms keeping a home as well as working single ladies, I am sharing this post over at Mommy Moments , Happiness is…, & Color Connection.

14 thoughts on “Organizing Happiness: review

  1. I’m more productive when everything around me is tidy and organized. My busy work and home schedule allows little time to keep the home/office spic and span, however, and that really affects my productivity and yes, my moods! I need this e-book, too!

  2. Being organized at home is something that we women are naturally good at! That’s why I admire our gender and I’m very proud of it. Thanks for sharing this e-book. I’m amazed on how you finished doing things in just 15 mins! Awesome!

    Visiting from Happiness is. Have a great day!

    • Ah, the 15-minute suggestion and how you can do things within such time – the hows are in the book. Try it.

  3. Thanks to our cabinet, my designate place to put our thingamajigs. it helps my house stay organized. Though I need to monitor my children’s play time as they tend to leave their toys all over the floor. I let them clean up after playing.
    Thanks for sharing the eBook. Our God is a God of order so we should follow through 🙂

  4. i signed up sis because i need that book. i’m such a hoarder of things that i have so much stuff in the house i don’t need. maybe that would help me sort things out.

  5. decluttering has been one of my goals this year and it is constantly included in my to do list. thanks for sharing this with us on mommy moments!

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