CJ’s convention and CaCoy’s colors

My moment as a mom this week was to enlist CJ in a Children’s Convention on May 3-5. He is going with Grandma. I gladly anticipate results.

As an auntie I recall a happy dining moment with nephew CaCoy.Β  We – cousins, spouses and kids lazed an entire week away in Huahin, the Thai royal family’s summer home. One of those evenings we had dinner in the night market opposite the beach.

I marvel at CaCoy’s changing colors.Β  With a half Spanish paternal Grandma I swear he was pale pink as a baby. With football in school his ecru skin slowly vanished. Then he went chasing coconut bugs in the glare of the tropical sun. That was the final straw. He turned midnight black without further ado.

15 thoughts on “CJ’s convention and CaCoy’s colors

  1. A convention for kids is a good training ground for the boy,Cj. I hope and challenge the organizer my friend Pastor Englis to have more on this conventions to train, use and utilize these kids in the ministry. To Hazel, congratulations for a job well done. “Train up a child in the way that He should go, and when he is old, he will never depart from it.”-Proverbs 22:6. Nice pic and color combination.. i love it.

  2. That is a healthy color, zel. I admire colors like that. I wish I have color like that..so neutral when going anywhere in the world. ^^ If i end up with someone like that it will turn out gatas and kape. I wonder what would be our kid like. hahaha

    dropping in from happeeneeesss is…

  3. my kid is also sporting a very dark complexion this summer…blame it on the heat, the swimming galore and the mom that always wants to bring the family to the pool, LOL!

    visiting late from happiness is…
    hope you can take a peek at my happiness too!

  4. first time I heard about children convention. Im a first time mom so I have to do a research about it. visiting late from last week’s mommy moment. Hope you can drop by my entry

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