Children’s Poetry Day

A heap of celebrations fill March 21st – International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination, National Common Courtesy Day…. Out of thirteen there are two that particularly attracted me: National Single Parents Day and Children’s Poetry Day.

Raising my kid all by myself makes me fond of National Single Parents Day. On its FB page this About is written:

The goal of National Single Parents Day is to empower single parents and their friends and family…. Public awareness of issues affecting single parents is so important.

Thank goodness I do not own all single parent-related issues in the world. God must love me this much he has granted me enough financial independence for as long as I can remember after earning work qualifications.

To commemorate Children’s Poetry Day, let me share this poem from I italicized lines that are not true to my son, nor to me.Β  The rest are.

My Childhood
My childhood was fun, tough and exciting,
My childhood was one where there wasn’t much fighting,
This is my childhood. My childhood was filled with family and friend(s),
My childhood was filled with love and lots of happy holidays,

My childhood was filled with tricycles and bicycles,
My childhood is filled with lots of classwork and homework,
My childhood is filled with parents that don’t work,
Annoying loving brother and sisters.

This is my childhood. My childhood is filled with a grandmother that was caring and loving

When I left her, I was hurt. But it’s for the best.
I remember the good and happy times we shared together.
This was my loving childhood that I will not forget. This was my childhood.

Now what are these ‘robots’ interlapping my talk for? There was a Japanese-Thai Anime fest last week and I thought CJ would have had fun at this show. These toys are banned at home to follow his therapist’s advice.

But once in awhile I allow him to play, admire and/or fantasize on these things. A little dose of indulgence won’t kill his imagination.

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13 thoughts on “Children’s Poetry Day

  1. “Annoying but loving siblings” panalo ang pinoy dyan hehehe.. Mas exciting ang childhood mo sis. Yay to the Single Parents Day, that’s nice! Thanks for joining Color Connection.

  2. What a lovely poem. Single parents are commendable for they are able to raise their children alone. I guess it is a very big responsibility and I admire them for their patience and hard work.

    Visiting from happiness is…

  3. That’s a touching post, Hazel πŸ™‚ Being parents is a tough job already, how much more to be a single parent, no? It’s good that they thought about a day to commemorate single parents and also to raise public awareness about it.

    Thanks for sharing this over at Happiness Is. See you there again for another round of happy posts. God bless you and CJ!

  4. hindi ko maintindihan baket wala akong ka talent talent sa pag gawa ng poem… gaya nyan!! ang ganda nya…

    >> thumbs up ako sa mga single parent….. sila ang maituturing na Hero sa mundong ito!!!

    >> nalate ng dalaw from happiness is….

  5. i salute those single moms who manages being great parents to their kids. may God always bless you with wisdom and strength as CJ grows up. πŸ™‚

  6. i was once a single parent when raising my eldest cj until i met K…:) i knew how hard it is but just fulfilling to see our kids growing! your cj’s a happy kid, i am sure! he is truly blessed to have you as a mom and dad rolled into one! i salute you and i admire single parents! πŸ™‚ visiting late from last week’s MM, hope to see you around. thanks and have a great week.

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